It’s All About Being Pretty

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Being pretty inside and outside has nothing to do with your appearance but with the way you think and train your mind. No one else but yourself can only decide that you are pretty from inside and out! All it takes is a change in the way you think about yourself and how you look. And believe it or not but it is easier said than done. Just the belief in yourself will boost your confidence, self-esteem and uplift your spirits for the best.

Being pretty from the inside:

This is the most important part of the whole exercise of being pretty. You have to believe and understand that the real prettiness comes from inside you and not from what the world at large think of you. Make a list of all the good things about yourself. This can be just anything from being a good and patient listener to making great homemade food, or just writing those poems in your secret diary. Make it practice to remind it to yourself every morning that you are awesome, unique and pretty. Do not let the negative thoughts conquer your mind. Remember you can be the biggest enemy of yourself. So just don’t be too harsh to judge yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others. Half of the problems and negativity comes from comparison between people. Just do not indulge into it!

Being pretty from the outside:

Love yourself and pamper and care for yourself (outer appearance). Go for a makeover. A haircut, or Smokey eyes or that fuller red lip it can just be anything. Buy yourself something new stuff- a scarf, or a piece of jewellery or a new pair of jeans. It can be just anything that will make you happy. Do regular exercise. This stimulates the happy hormones. Happiness from within certainly lit up your faces from outside. Take care of yourself from head to toe. Go for regular skin pampering and spa sessions. Get a pedicure done for your tired feet. Treat yourself to a nice product range to be incorporated into your routines. Just give yourself some ‘me time’.

All it takes is your willingness and desire to be pretty. Treat yourself well. If you are in your 30s’, use an anti- aging cream in the night after cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser. To start with, NewAge Skin Care Serum is a tried and trusted option.

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