How does your diet affect your skincare?

You can spend half your income on beauty products to improve your complexion, or to stop the signs of aging or to have that healthy glowing look. However, it will do little good if your diet is not healthy. What you put in your body will over time show on your skin.


More and more fashion houses are moving toward natural beauty and incorporating natural beauty products into their existing makeup lines. Natural makeup and beauty products are finding their way into the mainstream more and more these days. Gorgeous, glowing and healthy skin is more than just a simple case of good genes. Your diet and lifestyle play a big part in acquiring that beautiful flawless complexion.

Here are a few tips on how your diet affects your skincare regime.

Your regular regime using natural makeup is not enough

Many women often wonder why their existing skincare regime does not give them that healthy glow they so desperately seek. And all these women don’t realize that their diet is working against all their best efforts they apply to the surface. The dermatologist will all advise women that their diets work in conjunction with their existing skincare regime to give them the results they want. For example, if you often crash diet, you are depriving your body and essentially your skin of much-needed nutrients that aid in achieving beautifully flawless skin. When you do not eat enough protein, you are starving your skin of amino acids that help make collagen. Collagen is vital to ensure the elasticity of your skin.

Be sure you follow a balanced diet. Never skip meals and avoid processed and fast food as much as possible. Processed food will not give you the required dose of nutrients to maintain a healthy skin.

Stay away from sugar

All recent research and studies have found that sugar is the adversary to healthy living. However, it is almost impossible to avoid it in our modern diets. All processed foods have hidden sugars and alternatives are sometimes more harmful than actual refined sugar. Food and drinks that contain sugar are not good for anyone wanting to maintain a healthy skin. Dieticians will agree that no studies show a direct link between sugar and acne. However, they all say that they can see a marked difference in their patients when a sugar-free diet is recommended to prevent breakouts.


Even so-called health foods are sugar bandits hiding loads of sugars and sugar alternatives such as aspartame and xylitol. Even though protein is vital to maintaining a healthy skin, do not use protein bars as a protein supplement. Protein bars are considered by dieticians as the biggest offenders for hidden sugars. Excess sugar will lead to wrinkles, rashes, and inflamed acne.

What to eat for a healthier skin – maintain a good habit consuming healthy greens and organic supplements

Dermatologist and dieticians agree the best diet for healthy skin is to keep our green and consume as much different colored vegetables with every meal. Fresh vegetables fight free radicals which increase the risk of wrinkles and dark spots. Also, be sure to always balance your carbohydrates with protein. And be sure to drink enough water as this will help flush out toxins. Try and keep fruit consumption to the minimum as they contain sugars which is not ideal for maintaining a healthy skin.

To achieve a natural beauty look, be sure to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Exercise will help eliminate toxins from the body and skin. Healthy eating and exercise are great remedies to fight the signs of aging and to help you keep your natural glow.

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