Detailed Analysis Of The Main Ingredient Used In New Age Skin Care Serum: Argireline

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The main ingredient that is used in the New Age Skin Care Serum is Argireline (Also known as Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 or Acetyl Hexapeptide 8) and is mainly a synthetic ingredient included in several anti-wrinkle cosmetic products. You can compare it to a shortened strand of Botulinum toxin, which is alternatively termed and more commonly referred to as Botox. Argireline reduces the body’s skills to release neurotransmitters which are mainly the cells that allow communicating between each other. This in turn is affects the patch of skin, allowing your muscles to remain relaxed for extended periods of time. By performing this process the Argireline greatly reduces the chances of developing wrinkles and visible fine lines. Therefore the Argireline is most commonly found in cosmetic products that are created especially for masking or suppressing signs of aging.
Argireline is a recent discovered ingredient, and hence research has managed to give very few studies that have been published regarding the potential side effects that can be caused due to it. However even though this is a recent discovered ingredient, the little research that has been conducted so far does not reveal any sort of side effects. Therefore cosmetic companies are currently including this ingredient in products as an alternative to Botulinum toxins. Claims have been made that by too much exposure to Argireline, the face skin tends to sag. However this is something which yet needs to be clinically studied and proved.
The modern clinical research organisations have had Argireline been subjected to clinical testing involving both living and lifeless organic test subjects. However this has not been a subject of research to any published double blind trials. After rigorous scientific trials that are designed to exclude biased results from both the subjects and the researchers the Argireline has proved to be an effective ingredient that manages to fight the signs of aging effectively. Hence this is a part of the New Age Skin Care Serum which proves to work well to effectively fight the signs of aging and leave your face with a glowing and a youthful look.

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